Small Business Stories of Impact: Sri Lekha

: July 11, 2020

Sri Lekha, Founder of the Association for Sustainability Education, shares her experience from the Small Business School Challenge in May 2020 and the impact it had on her business

We interviewed Sri Lekha after the May2020 SBSC-I event

Sri Lekha set up her nonprofit Association for Sustainability Education in December 2019 with the vision to provide innovation in STEM education for grade school kids. Schools were impressed with the pilot program, but when the lockdowns rolled through California in March 2020, Sri needed to think the future of her program.

She heard about the Small Business School Challenge in the middle of trying to plan for the long term while also adjusting the short term delivery of her existing pilot programs.

As entrepreneurs who are passionate about our business or our service, we get so caught up in the weeds and problem-solving. Then a group of young, smart, and brilliant students walk in and rearrange the building blocks in your head, declutter and refresh the optimism in you with a viable strategy through this program. In two days they craft the strategy for a year or more and it’s not textbook ideas, but concrete, actionable strategy. That’s the outcome of the program.

-Sri Lekha Srinivasan

Watch the video interview to hear her full story and experience in our first virtual event to support small business owners with design thinking and MBA consulting from top business schools across the country.

And see the case study from her MBA team at Yale School of Management for details on the specifics of her plan.