Small Business Stories of Impact: David Wagner

: July 25, 2020

David Wagner, Owner of Lightroom Guy and Lightroom Guy Video, shares his experience with the first Small Business School Challenge in May 2020.

We interviewed David shortly after the May2020 SBSC-I virtual event.

David is an experienced entrepreneur and private photography coach, and he and his business partner had plans for expansion of their offerings at the beginning of 2020.

When the shutdowns suddenly prevented in-person photography services, he saw his revenue drop 60%, and like many of us, didn’t anticipate the duration or severity the pandemic would have on our daily lives.

He heard about the Small Business School Challenge from his daughter and he applied as well as nominated some other creative business owners to take part and get help for their businesses that were similarly impacted.

I’ve worked with business consultants before in terms of coming up with a tagline or how to structure my business right, but I’ve never actually sat down and planned a business in advance… I thought here’s an opportunity for me to really structure something for the business to grow.

-David Wagner

David’s work with his team solidified some of the ideas he’s been bounding around, highlighted some business structural gaps, and was such a positive experience that he’s maintained contact with one member of his team to keep him apprised of his progress and continue the conversation.

Hear more behind the scenes of David’s full experience in the Small Business School Challenge event from May 2020 in the video interview above.

And see details his MBA team from NYU Stern School of Business provided that made such an impact in his business case study here.