Making a ruckus: Wisdom from Seth Godin during the SBSC-I National Final

: June 24, 2020

Seth Godin’s Keynote on May 16th at SBSC-I

One of the highlights of our inaugural SBSChallenge in May was a keynote from none other than Seth Godin. 

Founder of the AltMBA, international speaker and bestselling author of 18 books, and with personal experience starting ~30 businesses in his lifetime, he had some advice for both the MBAs and the small business owners during our virtual national final.

Addressing the challenges facing small business owners in the wake of the pandemic, he had this to say:

This possibility- to find people who need us and to bring them something that they need- that is the essence of why small business has been the backbone of Western culture and capitalism for 200 years…

…What we need to be able to do is take a deep breath and say ‘what’s possible right now?’ Because there are people out there who feel afraid, who are alone, who are disconnected. There are people in the world who need us…

What we actually need are linchpins- organizations and individuals who are going to show up and say ‘I made this,’ who are gonna show up and say ‘I got this,’ and who are gonna show up and say ‘I see you.’

He shared his thoughts on how this challenge differs from downturns and economic shifts in the past, as well as the reasons this pause is the opportunity for us to let go of the ‘cruft’ and old ways of doing things we don’t need anymore.

To catch all of his insights and wisdom, watch the full 8 minute recording of his keynote above from our SBSC-I National Final.

Thank you Seth for taking the time to share with our MBA and small business owner participants.

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