What happens during our 48-hour challenge?

Each small business is assigned to a team of approx. three MBA students who will work with them to analyze their current situation and develop practical strategies and innovations to boost their business results. Students test their consulting skills against the best and the brightest from across the country.

Learn & Network

3+ Workshops

Boost your skills in innovation, storytelling, remote collaboration, measuring impact, and more.

Coaching & Mentoring

Get help for your team from alumni and industry experts.

Virtual Networking

Enhance your career by networking with alumni, sponsors, and recruiters.

Keynote Speaker

Gain insights from a prominent business expert .

Compete for Recognition & Prizes

Your Presentation

Get ready to showcase your team’s recommendations for strategy and innovation in just 3.5 minutes!

School Level Competition

Our panel of judges provides feedback and decide on top teams from each school to advance to the national level.

National Competition

Winning teams earn recognition for themselves and their school, and cash prizes for their small business client.

Gain Lasting Benefits

Small Business Success

Every participating business gains strategic advice and actionable recommendations from their student team and advisors.

Case Study Library

All presentations are recorded to become Case Studies, public, searchable learning resources for other small businesses and future teams.

Special Offers

Our sponsors make special offers to participating small businesses and scout talent from student teams.