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Funding the SBSC helps us host national, virtual events directly supporting hundreds of small business owners each year, provide exposure and mentorship to MBA students to become the next generation of business leaders fluent in the needs of small business, and publish the findings and data to the public to be shared freely so all may benefit.

In our first year, we supported nearly 300 small business owners across 33 states, with help from 1,200 MBA students and business expert volunteers from 25 top business schools.

It costs us ~$100 for every participant in our free events and $500 for a complete team of 3 MBA students and additional business mentors to support an individual small business owner.

Our small business alumni told us the average value of consulting they receive during our events is $3,000+.

That means you can feel confident that your donations are being multiplied 6-fold through our events and making a real impact on a local community.

50%+ of our small business participants increased revenue and 48% were able to hire or rehire staff after our events, even during the prolonged pandemic, far exceeding national statistics of small businesses without this level of strategic help.

We are 100% donor and sponsor funded, and your donations will directly strengthen and improve the local businesses that are the foundation of our local communities, at a time when it is needed most.

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