Spring 2021

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Pleshette Richmond has years of experience in the food industry. She wants to start her own baby food business in St. Louis. The minority-owned business is in the ideation stage (does not have a website) and aims to compete with the major players on the grounds of being home-made, preservative-free, and with cute names. Operating out of commercial kitchens that might not have FDA approval, the business might face hardships, especially when the baby food is not planned to have any preservatives.

We recommended that with her expertise in cooking, Pleshette start a baby food subscription service such as Blue Apron instead. Parents are inclined towards preparing baby food at home these days. The business can send all the ingredients along with the recipes to the parents who can prepare the food themselves. There is also the scope of starting a YouTube channel to post videos of cooking recipes or conduct live cooking classes.

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