1st Place in School - Spring 2021

NYU - Stern School of Business

Background: WESTxEAST is a digital clothing brand that specializes in crafting South Asian garments for any occasion. The team works with clients through their virtual platform to create the custom and unique garment of the clients dreams that helps them save time, energy, and money.

Problem: The current workflow for the company is resource intensive. It requires a lot of time from the team and back-and-forth between the clients, team, and outsourced third parties.

Solution: In order to solve this problem, we identified a top priority immediate solution by separating the user journey across two key customers types, and using AI chatbots and 3D design tools to support the process.

Impact: We expect that with this solution, WESTxEAST will see a 8.9x increase in customer growth and will save 240+ hours per year, which will help the team reach or surpass their goal of breaking-even by 2022.

School Team

NYU - Stern School of Business

Business Team

Tania Kottoor,

Kelly Yuen,


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