Spring 2021

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

Problem: Facing consolidation in digital marketing as SMB’s are purchased by larger businesses with proprietary marketing solutions, a Chino based digital marketing firm needs to decide which clients to pursue and streamline their business processes to compete.

Proposed Solutions:

*Identify core value propositions, then streamline sales funnel and business processes
*Address identity and branding uncertainty by turning expertise inward
*Position the firm for success by streamlining lead management and tracking metrics to identify most profitable clients and segments
*Differentiate offering by leveraging community ties, be the welcome committee for new businesses and industries
*Prepare for future by enhancing self-branding, expanding sales channels and extending product offering

Introspecting on vision, updating processes, expanding sales channels and product offering will drive this firm’s post-Covid future forward & allow them to continue assisting their community!

School Team

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

Business Team

Zeb Welborn,

Lacey Welborn,
Social Media Specialist; Graphic/Web Designer


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