1st Place in School - Spring 2021

University of Virginia - Darden School of Business

Who are we?
Mission: To deliver a unique art experience for a community that values sustainability.
Strategy: We reclaim art/crafts supplies which would have ended in a landfill and sell them at budget prices.

Problem Areas:
1) Limited Awareness
2) Low footfall
3) Financial limitation

Proposed solutions
1) Adopt a targetting strategy to reach Chidren, Students/Artists and Businesses who can order bulk
2) Convey the message to customers better
a) Consistency of message around – Community, Sustainability, Creativity
b) Engagement of users to create better brand and adoption
c) Building loyalty through the experience, membership benefits and value delivery

Financial Sustainability
Improve product mix to have
– Store Experience
– Studio
– Artwork
– Classes/Workshops

Use revised pricing strategy
– 3 shopping bags
– Membership and hourly rate for Studio
– Classes for private and group

Projections to increase value to $100,000!

School Team

University of Virginia - Darden School of Business


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