1st Place in School - Fall 2020

University of Washington - Bothell School of Business

Problem: Decline in customer growth, policy renewals, challenge in cross-selling to existing customers, long-term limitation as they are reliant on local population and traditional in-person presence which seems to be a concern.

Our solution approach enables them to-

  • Bridge their sales by increasing their online presence, using automated reports, networking with the local Chambers of Commerce and introducing exciting referral programs will enhance their limited resource challenge
  • Rebalance their product portfolio by partnering with property management agencies and on-demand auto agencies
  • Generate additional revenue streams by introducing mobile Notary service, producing online videos and mentoring interns outside Colorado will increase their sustainable income for long term.
School Team

University of Washington - Bothell School of Business

Business Team

Nathan Sanchez,

Cassie Sanchez,


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