Spring 2021

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Ronda Braden Enterprises is a professional services company offering back office management for entrepreneurs. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, and run by its founder Ronda Braden, the company’s problem is slow business growth due to a poorly set up business structure and a lack of a marketing strategy.

Our proposed solutions are to:
• Re-Energize the company’s internal structure:
o Refreshed marketing tool-kit and social media presence
o Develop a service-based pricing strategy
o Improve her time management
• Have a focused customer acquisition strategy
o Develop a customer niche
o Upsell services
o Leverage her network by requesting client testimonials per service category
• Elevating from multitasker to manager
o Hire staff on payroll
o Use a bookkeeping software
o Reinvest Cash Flows

These will allow Ronda to offer her services more uniformly, empower young women, and successfully market and grow her business.

School Team

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Business Team

Ronda Braden,
Founder & Business Owner


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