2nd Place in School - Spring 2020

University of Washington - Foster School of Business


Government entities aren’t purchasing the pallet shelters due to both the lack of awareness and lack of funding.

Proposed solutions: 

The team identified key opportunities that indicate the timing is right for Pallet.

  • Cares Act creates the opportunity to allocate funding for housing and homeless solutions
  • Traditional homeless shelters are closing and Pallet Shelters are the perfect alternative for social distancing
  • This is the opportunity to grab market share with a nationwide marketing campaign as a long term easy to implement solution that prevents the spread of the disease.

Pallet is positioned to increase sales and market share while also decreasing COVID-19 transmission among the homeless and providing long-term, high-quality living quarters.

School Team

University of Washington - Foster School of Business

Business Team

Brandon Bills
Marketing and Communications Director


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