1st Place in School - Fall 2020

University of Washington - Foster School of Business

Our client, Noonie’s Place is looking for different ways to increase revenue due to an increase in home cooking, a shift to catering and delivery and less dine-in overall.

To increase the revenue, we have proposed 3 key recommendations.

First, the Omnichannel Penetration Strategy involves creating short online cooking tutorials and content on restaurant’s signature sauce, offering a live cooking class and giving special coupon to consumers who share Noonie’s content or review in Noonie’s door dash and Ubereats page.

Second, the unique sauce, whoomp whamp, and pies have the potential to be developed into prepackaged products and be distributed through online stores and high end food markets.

Lastly, for Geographical Expansion, we also came up with a checklist for the owner, so that she can walk through the analysis when she makes decisions on opening new stores.

School Team

University of Washington - Foster School of Business

Business Team

Tara Beasley Stansberry,


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