Fall 2021

University of Washington - Bothell School of Business

NEWTON HQ is a retailer storefront in Astoria, NY focusing on pop-culture items. Cindy is currently struggling with inventory management and supply chain issues that have risen from COVID. With a strong online and in-store demand Cindy has been struggling to keep up with inventory tracking and re-stocking. We are recommending that she maintain a blended approach of in-store experience and online channels. To optimize her inventory management she should divide her product mix into high vs low margin products and tie low-TAT products to short-term promotion. Lastly, she should use a template for monthly expense tracking. This solution will allow her to shift her focus from day-to-day operations to overseeing strategic decisions. Through reporting she will have more visibility into her profits and liabilities. Mostly importantly she will be optimizing her resources.

School Team

University of Washington - Bothell School of Business

Business Team

Cindy Cortez,


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