Spring 2021

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business

Our client business was a small, high end interior design company by the name of MXC Design, LLC. It is a minority and woman owned, small business located in Haverford, Pennsylvania. The main problem we were tasked with addressing was generated a consistent revenue stream. In order to do so we focused on three areas of interest: Marketing/Advertising, Networking, and redesigning her business cost structure.

Google, FB Business, Instagram, Hooze
Firm to start operations and set tone of marketing/advertising within budget
Unpaid Internship with local university

Linkedin, Building F2F connections with up and coming builders, boutique real estate agents/architects, trade shows, designing rooms for houses in home shows

Cost Structure Changes
Currently does not charge consultation fee
Change to 1 hour at reduced rate and 1 hour free (2 hours for 125$. 2:1 deal)
By charging for consultation it adds value to her brand

School Team

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business

Business Team

Ximena Coriat,


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