Spring 2021

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business

Minuteman Press is a printing, marketing and design franchise located in Glen Cove, New York providing services to north Long Island communities.

Our client has lost 20% in sales and wants recommendations for new marketing ideas and products to increase sales revenue.
– Eliminate activities with low rentability
– Free up resources to promote and expand graphic design activities
– Develop and keep active social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, etc.…)
– Includes social media links on products and existing forms of promotions
– Offer promotions
– Create open discussions on Minuteman Press social media pages to strengthen Minuteman and its customers’ relationship and obtain innovating business ideas from younger generations.
If our solutions are implemented, they will give more flexibility and resources to our client to expand and grow his business online. Our client will build a customer base and understands the needs of its customers. This will definitely increase business growth.

School Team

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business


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