3rd Place in School - Spring 2021

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

Mathnasium 4S ranch is a supplemental math tutoring franchise based in San Diego, CA. Problem:
Student Enrollment decline due to COVID-19 and predatory marketing efforts of a neighboring franchise, contributed to a 27% YoY reduction in enrollment and 24% YoY decline in revenue.

Proposed solutions:
– The first solution should be updating marketing content to highlight key differentiators, such as college-level tutors with two years experience, and exceptionally high student performance scores.
– The second approach is to revitalize the business referral program. This includes leveraging UTM URL tagging to encourage sharing and lead generation through Mathnasium 4S’s existing local customer base.

With the implementation of the aforementioned solutions, we expect Mathnasium to reach the goal of $80K in June based on our conservative assumptions that we can decrease summer churn by 6%, re-engage 3% of the former students, and capture half a percent of the local unaddressed market.

School Team

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

Business Team

Libby Lossing,
Director of Operations

Youngkun Weiss,
Location Manager


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