Spring 2020

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business


Decreased foot traffic meant Lucky Duck’s locations needed new ways to bring in revenue and a new plan to promote the stores.

Proposed solutions: 

Look to new solutions for distribution channels of the food products, and in new marketing methods to reach customers.

  • Food trucks could be an alternative to the brick and mortar location to go to customers when foot traffic at stores is low.
  • Explore food stalls to have a lower-cost method to move to the customer base and capitalize on natural foot traffic patterns.
  • Consider a delivery model to combine advertising power and convenience
  • Explore corporate deliveries as a ‘catering’ model
  • Improve marketing of all brands with digital content and social media campaigns

Lucky Ducks’ locations can consider new ways of reaching customers when foot traffic is down and lean into digital strategies to meet customers where they are.

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UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

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David Harrison

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