Spring 2021

NYU - Stern School of Business

LETS Americas is a legal marketing firm established in 2020 operating in the U.S. and Latin America. Their customers include tax & legal firms in LATAM trying to do business in the U.S., firms pursuing official rankings on review sites, and firms who need help marketing their services.
As a new company, we sought to help them solve a classic startup problem: How can they establish themselves in the market, and streamline their product offerings?

-Narrow down their scope offering from 9 to 3 (rankings, digital marketing, and business development).
-Scale their newly focused scope and utilize these sellable products like digital marketing workshops, social media toolkits, and marketing packages for lead generation and credibility building in the industry.
Once implemented, they will have a strong footing to get to their ultimate goal of building a large network of firms needing to collaborate across borders and to be seen as the go-to firm for marketing legal service.

School Team

NYU - Stern School of Business

Business Team

Alexandra Strick,
Founding Partner


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