1st Place in School - Spring 2020

Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management


With social distancing, in-person fitness studio is forced to innovate service delivery and reimagine the business model in order to survive and serve their fitness community.

Proposed solutions: 

Take advantage of the disruption brought on by the coronavirus to:

  • Reinvigorate their community by investing in their team of great instructors and leveraging social check ins
  • Refresh their business model by limiting discounting while improving the customer experience
  • Reduce member churn by focusing on value and the quality of their experience as the ‘toughest ride in Nashville.’

The plan evolves KrankFIT into a hybrid Physical + Digital brand and community to ride out future uncertainty. 

School Team

Vanderbilt University - Owen Graduate School of Management

Business Team

Jenn Nestler
Studio Manager

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