1st Place National Winner - Spring 2021

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

Business type: event center
Industry: hospitality

Problem: Marketing to people interested in renting a space for 1-day gathering events.

Proposed Solutions:
1.Create a dedicated landing page
2.Create supporting materials: Digital newsletter/PDF & Brochures
3.Organic marketing and partnerships:
a.Referral discounts: Onsite customers/students refer new clients
b.Promote on social media: Facebook page, news feeds
4.Partner with local businesses: Get onto recommendation lists of nearby similar amenities
5.Outreach by contacting local businesses by email/phone, Soft Launch Trial offerings, Building an advisory board, External connection (Food & Wine magazine ads, Art gallery events, Chamber of commerce)
6.Tailored pricing packages for different customers
-Organizing relevant information to easily share with clients
-Connecting with local businesses and expanding partnerships
-Expand business reach through referrals and social media
-Launching new day event service

School Team

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

Business Team

Judy Gittelsohn,


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