Fall 2021

University of Washington - Bothell School of Business

Garrett Music Academy provides music lessons to many children in the age group of 5-18. It is located in Owings, Maryland.

Problem-During covid the company lost 50% of it’s revenue primarily because of job losses and virtual engagement.

-Hosting virtual and inperson promotional events at Parks, Breweries, Airbnb Experiences and sofar. Use Swags to develop customer connection.
-Collaborate with companies, Housing Associations and schools to create online presence
-Provide studio as a service through sites such as Peerspace
-Use e-learning platforms like masterclass, Udemy and so on to reach to wider audience.
_explore new technology like Reno for better virtual communication and cakewalk and audacity to reduce lag in videos
-Improve online presence by revamping website and digital ads, SEO for online visibility and creating better social media presence by uploading interactive student and teacher videos.

Net Impact
-Improve Brand Presence
-increase Revenue

School Team

University of Washington - Bothell School of Business


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