Spring 2021

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business

The Free Food Fridge Albany is a network of six (soon to be nine) outdoors refrigerators that are stocked with fresh food, produce, and household items, which are free to take for those who need them.

Problem: Ms. Anderson wishes to scale up the program, adding more fridges and securing more recurring donations in order to serve more individuals.

– Fast-track 501(c)(3) designation and formation of formal advisory board through partnership with Community Foundation of the Greater Capital Region

- Partner with other organizations to expand the footprint of the Free Food Fridge program and secure resources for maintenance of fridges. Look to other organizations for pipelines of volunteer labor.

- Develop a sustainable budget plan that will enable the hiring of staff and purchase of property, plant, and equipment. Capitalize on considerable attention and interest from media and community by making adjustments to web presence and presenting clear calls to action.

School Team

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business

Business Team

Jammella Anderson,


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