Spring 2021

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business

Kimchi sauce tastes good in everything and makes everything taste better too! Forward Roots is a manufacturing business located in Calverton NY. The business produces traditional Korean kimchi, kimchi kraut, kimchi sauces, and kimchi olive oil with almonds amongst many more delicious products. Currently, the business’s main problem is the lack of brand awareness amongst the target audience in the greater NYC area and amongst the desired target audience of millennials who are less than 35yo.

The proposed solutions to deal with the brand awareness problems are:
to utilize the tool of Facebook Audience Insights,
to utilize the 5:5:5 social media rule,
to create engaging social media posts and educational social media posts about the product,
and to partner with The Cooking Lab.

The impacts from increased brand awareness would be high customer demand, positive word of mouth, and for the founder to fulfill her dream of employing a team of older Korean women in her business.\

School Team

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business


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