Spring 2020

University of Washington - Foster School of Business


A lot of their customers are now out of business, especially on the catering side, which is approximately 75% of their revenue.

Proposed solutions:

Expand target customers to include non-food small businesses that need delivery services.

  • Create a bulk delivery system with a flat fee per customer purchase, which is similar to what they have now
  • Update their website by highlighting pricing structure on the landing page, customer logo page, and having a testimonial page
  • Implement outreach methods by cold calling, social media ads, and partnering with small businesses
  • Establish a referral program that would offer discounts on next day delivery

This strategy could have a significant impact on Ditch the Wait such as income increase and remaining open.

School Team

University of Washington - Foster School of Business

Business Team

Larelle Clarke
CEO & Founder


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