Spring 2020

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business


Facing the economic realities of COVID-19 impacting both its own clients as well as the firm-itself, an SF-based design strategy firm seeks to find new ways to adapt their service offerings to evolve through this time period and create marketable resolutions for their go-to-market clients during an unprecedented market reality.

Proposed solutions: 

Develop both additional service offerings as well as new products to differentiate from other design strategy agencies.

  • Address near term solutions for optimized financials by capitalizing on digital marketing content and e-commerce offerings for clients
  • Position this SF-based design strategy firm as a thought leader in the design strategy space for go-to-market launch design (expanding their brand strategy service value)
  • Differentiate from competitors by leaning into the Covid-19 crisis by launching antimicrobial packaging with the firm’s packaging design expertise and extensive network of providers

This SF-based design strategy firm feels confident that positioning the company for adaptation throughout the pandemic crisis, they will emerge from the downturn in a stronger position by leveraging their collective of packaging design expertise and premium product clients that aim to deepen their e-commerce presence.

School Team

UC Berkeley - Haas School of Business

Business Team

Danielle McWaters
Founder & CCO

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