2nd Place in School - Fall 2020

Dartmouth College - Tuck School of Business

During our meeting with Dan, he highlighted two main areas where he would be interested in getting our ideas. The first is a short term goal: employee staffing. The second is a long term goal: retraining the upper valley community to shop local.

This redirected our focus to the more immediate COVID-related issue: the pressing problem of Employee staffing.

How might we maintain stable employee support during COVID-19?

We have identified a potential solution as training employees to work from home. In this way, when employees cannot come into the store due to COVID-related issues, they can contribute by:

  • managing online orders, answer phones via call forwarding expand social media presence.
  • calling numerous suppliers to reorder products given the frequent shortages

Given that Dan Given that Dan & Whit’s has a history of cross-training their employees across functions, this should be an understandable extension of their responsibilities.

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Dartmouth College - Tuck School of Business

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Dan Fraser,


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