3rd Place National Winner - Spring 2020

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business


COVID-19 prevented use of normal Farmers Market space that caters to 15,000 visitors every Saturday.

Current Situation

25 essential farm vendors were allowed to convene in a parking lot. 39 other vendors (of the 110 total) moved to offer their goods via an online portal.

Proposed Solutions

  • Implement a meal box service that includes meal ingredients, artisan and craft goods, and activities to recreate the experience of the market at home and allow vendors creative ways to get products to interested customers.
  • Partner with local chefs and artists to promote the box on social media
  • Bring farm vendors and customers together creatively and promote the farm-to-table experience
  • The meal box service is a short term solution that can also work in the long term
School Team

University at Albany, SUNY- School of Business

Business Team

Cindy Pohlmann
President, Board of Directors

Stephen Ridler

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