Spring 2021

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Dance Company. St. Louis, Missouri. Arts/Entertainment Industry.

– Short-term: Fundraising to change studios and diversifying revenue streams
– Long-term: Revenue generation and the company mission/vision not being reflected on digital platforms.

– Multiple-stage fundraising campaign with themed events and segmented donors
– Capturing corporate sponsors and donors
– Rebranding of social media to reflect CKDC mission/vision
– Hosting or subleasing space for special workshops & events

CKDC is a company with the mission of making dance accessible to all by championing diversity, equity, and inclusion with its members. However, the company has struggled with implementing this image on digital platforms and making money in general. These proposed solutions will allow CKDC to explore other opportunities to increase revenues by building up its online presence through exciting campaigns that get the community involved and opening up the new studio for special events.

School Team

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Business Team

Arica Brown,

Ashreale McDowell,


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