Spring 2020

University of Virginia - Darden School of Business


CDS has lost its competitive advantage, in-person personalized service, due to the physical distancing restrictions.

Proposed solutions:

Launch themed challenges on a weekly basis to invest in customer relationships and dance community.

  • Draft FAQs to minimize barrier posting and editing TIKTOK videos
  • Invite local teachers, studios, and dancers to join in on the challenge and participate
  • Promote the dance challenge on current CDS social media channels to create awareness
  • Featured most liked/commented/shared on the CDS social media channels and collect feedback to start a second round

This plan enables interacting among the dance community, improves brand awareness, improves happiness levels in current customers.

School Team

University of Virginia - Darden School of Business

Business Team

Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth
Small Business Owner


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