2nd Place in School - Fall 2020

University of Washington - Bothell School of Business

Problem: Café Cesura located in downtown Bellevue, WA has been drastically impacted by COVID-19 and is seeking solutions to increase sales.

Proposed Solution: Café Cesura has a strong social media presence but does not have a targeted marketing strategy. Our approach is to offer them solutions through an engagement model of attract, engage and delight.

In the attract phase, we recommend active social media engagement with promotions of the product, closing the feedback loop with online customer reviews, and add neighborhood banners to grab customer’s attention.

To engage further, we recommend diversification of sales by creating monthly coffee club options, building relationships with local stores within the community, and bundling local goods packaged within a gift box which could be converted to a subscription service in the future.

Using our strategy, we can project increased sales at a manageable growth rate in the next 90 days.

School Team

University of Washington - Bothell School of Business

Business Team

Shawn Nickerson,
Coffee Owner


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