Spring 2021

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Adver is a digital platform that matches and connects small business owners to business software tools they need to grow, working as an affiliated software search engine. It faces a catch-22 since it needs users (small business owners) to attract its paying customers (the startups) and faces stiff competition.

1. Open up free access for 6 months to attract customers. Understand user behavior through website analytics. Build a user community to generate specific feedback for customers.
2. After a year, reduce software portfolio and implement value pricing for retained customers
3. Start with a user survey and manual matchmaking; build and leverage AI/ML expertise to improve matches.

These steps allow Adver to grow and sustain itself in a mature digital market, and plant itself as a necessity for its user and customer base.

School Team

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Business Team

Shantelle Horton,
Owner & Founder


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