Spring 2021

NYU - Stern School of Business

The client is an on-demand printing company based in New York City whose core business is fulfilling the print needs of the investment banks, private equity firms, and other corporations. Since the pandemic, working from home measures and lack of business meetings has dried up this revenue source. The client is looking to develop a product fit, marketing, and strategy to remain viable in the short term.

Our recommendations to solving this issue are as follows:
1. Understand the needs of the core customer by surveying the existing customer base and projecting immediate demand.
2. Market any ancillary services to this core customer by performing market research and developing personas to capture unmet demand.
3. Diversify revenue streams such as expanding the ABGPrint shop on Amazon, printing for the government, and capturing market share from the elimination of in-house printing.

Following these steps will have measurable impact towards recapturing some of the lost revenue.

School Team

NYU - Stern School of Business


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